It’s hard on us all being put into lockdown. Having restrictions placed on our movements, our day to day life. As adults, we can understand it, we may not like it, but we do understand the need for it. But how about your children? Especially the younger ones. Suddenly they can’t have that sleep-over they have been counting down to. They won’t be having their sixth birthday party because their friends aren’t allowed to visit. That football match is cancelled.

How do you entertain children with Covid Cabin Fever? Maybe these tips will help.

Have an online birthday party.

You could organise for the kids to catch up via zoom. If we can use it for work meetings, why not for a child’s party?

Have a family sleepover.

If a sleep-over has been canceled, perhaps you can organise a fun sleep-over just with the family. Your kids could all gather in the same room and have their own slumber party.

Play board games.

Do you have any board games or card games that the family can play together? Organise an afternoon of monopoly or scrabble. You could even organise a prize for the winner. If you have quite young children, you can organise the family into teams.

Create art from recycled materials.

Look around the house and see what materials you have that the kids can use for some creative fun. You’d be surprised what you can find and use. Old milk bottles can be cut and turned into baskets that can be decorated and used as parts of gifts for friends. Old magazines can be cut up and glued upon sheets of paper or cardboard to form a picture, a scene, whatever the creator wishes. Those partnerless old socks can be turned into hand puppets and a performance can take place. You are only limited by your imagination.

Have a story circle.

Kids don’t have to be able to read and write to make up stories. When I was a little girl, spending hours in hospital, I would make up stories to stop my little sister from being bored or scared by our surroundings. You and your children can tell each other a story. Each person would come up with a sentence and keep going around the circle, creating a story.

Order our art packs.

Art Mania has online videos and art packs you can find and buy online. Projects to be done on their own or as a family!

Happy creating all.

-Sam Ogilvie

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