Working with clay is creative, tactile and calming, and all skill levels are welcome. We have inclusive classes available from children to adults. Learn hand building and wheel throwing skills, experiment with a range of techniques and glazes. Your only limit is your imagination!

Our ceramic studio is in complete compliance with safety regulations, WHS and is wheelchair accessible. All students will have access to the kitchen, so feel free to grab a cuppa and sit in our tranquil garden.

We also provide a professional photo space where students can photograph their artworks. As students progress, we can offer them assistance with creative micro business opportunities in retail, markets or gallery settings.


Do you know that we are the only place in Newcastle that stocks a wide variety of Mayco specialty glazes including Elements, Jungle Gems and Chunkies?

No need to travel to Sydney anymore, come on in and explore our extensive range!

We also have a wide selection of pottery supplies including, clay, glazes, hand-building and throwing tools, brushes, transfers, banding wheels, and specialty tools.

We look after our environment

At AMS Art Studio we always strive to be environmentally friendly and considerate of the impact we make on our planet!

Our ceramics studio strictly adheres to the following eco-friendly practices in order to conserve natural resources and protect our planet from exploitation:

1. All clay waste is reduced through as system of reuse and      recycle; our pugmill machine enables us to recycle, reclaim,
      de-arate and re-hydrate our clay so that we can reuse it!
2. All students are taught how to re-use and reclaim clay during      the making process.
3. Any unwanted works which have been fired, will be donated to     our mosaic classes, where they become transformed into new     mosaic artworks.
4. Our sinks are fitted with a special clay-trap to prevent clay being      added to our waterways.
5. All staff and students are taught to be mindful of water      consumption.
6. Separate waste accordingly to regulations
7. We repurpose old household items such as containers, plastic      bags and cloths. Nothing gets thrown away!

                                          AMS Art Studio is a stockist of Keane Ceramics.

Ceramic Workshops