All classes must be booked at least 24 hrs ahead as we have a minimum number needed in order to run.
Due to the nature of ceramics, 4-6 class sessions will be needed in order to create a finished piece.


Our class costs include:
• all clay
• tools
• equipment
• teacher time
• firing
• glazes (including an extensive range of underglazes, oxides, and certain specialty glazes)

What do we offer?
Hand-building : Pinch method, hand modelling, coiling, slab construction
Wheel: introduction to all aspects of throwing on the wheel.

All skills and backgrounds welcome! Not only will you be in a friendly, creative, and inclusive space, but you will also get to experience first-hand the truly mindful and therapeutic practice of working with clay.

Our Wheel & Handbuilding Classes

Whether you want the excitement and challenge of learning the wheel, or a slower, more relaxed session of hand-building or would like to try both, our exciting 6-week ceramic course is suited to all skill levels!

With two qualified ceramists on site, this course offers students a comprehensive introduction to the world of Ceramics! Once you have built your beautiful forms, our skilled ceramicists will teach a variety of aesthetic, decoration, and glazing techniques such as carving, printing, sgraffito, underglaze washes, bubble glaze, marbling, and oxides.

Drawing on art history, contemporary and local artists, and current trends within the artworld, our teachers provide a valuable and engaging experience whilst encouraging self-expression and social interaction.

All skills that we teach in our classes are highly transferrable, so if you have worked with clay before and are looking to expand your knowledge, our qualified ceramicists can progress you to more complex methods of making.

Wheel & Handbuilding classes available

Mondays 1-3.30pm

Tuesdays 1-3.30pm

Thursdays 1-3.30pm

Tuesdays 6-8.30pm (handbuilding)

Wednesdays 6-8.30pm (handbuilding)

Thursday nights 6-8.30pm

Fridays 1-3.30pm (handbuilding)

Saturdays 1-3.30pm (handbuilding)