What’s a really unique way to say ‘I love you’ this Christmas?

They say a picture says a thousand words, well, we think an artwork is the gift that keeps on giving. Emotions, energy, feeling and expression all emanate from art and all are individually interpreted.

Colours, textures, shape and size all contribute to how people react to art, inspiring a response that can awaken, motivate, captivate and relax.

When you purchase a piece of art, it is so much more than just the item itself. It carries an energy and intention, plus all the years that the artist has poured into creativity, allowing them to birth this particular piece, that has resonated with you.

Art is almost wordless, it conjures something beyond what words can capture. It allows you to communicate an essence of emotion for the one you love and will allow them to receive it on a level like no other.

When something beautiful is handmade it carries a deeper significance than the myriad of mass-produced products now available worldwide. It has someone’s time, energy and soul within it. It’s unique, just as your relationship with the world and that special someone is.

The artwork that graces the gallery here at Art Mania Studio is a mix of visually stunning feature pieces such as resin artworks in different shapes and sizes; glass artwork designs; alcohol ink framed works; hanging mosaic works and much more. However, what I love is the huge amount of FUNCTIONAL art available for sale. They have a wonderful eclectic range of cups; canisters; bowls; chopping boards; jewellery; wine glasses; coaster sets; coffee tables; wind chimes; candle holders; plant holders; serving platters and even steak knife sets and pegs, all uniquely adorned with a variety of art mediums.

When that special someone doesn’t just need another ‘thing’, get them something they will actually use. Make it beautiful, unique and something they will cherish. Every time they use it they will think of you, and your job, in saying ‘I love you’ in a unique way, is done.  

The studio remains open until Dec 20th and all gallery items are 30% off. Come in and browse the extensive range and whilst you’re in check out the growing range of art tools and materials that Art Mania Studio is starting to stock.


Written by Jen Majenta Moon, Art Mania Team Member

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