Refractions: Diversity From Within

 Thank you so much to all those who came along for a fun afternoon with us, on Sunday 14th August, to celebrate the launch of our exhibition at Lake Macquarie’s Museum of Art and Culture titled ‘Refractions: Diversity Within’.

Our amazing artists (pictured above David, Fee, Andrew, Lara, Gini, Geoff, Opaque, Absent: Indi).

Each artist brought beautiful and truly unique pieces to the exhibit ensuring the show was a melting pot of style, techniques, abilities and connection.  Refractions celebrates diversity while sharing the beauty that comes from the glass fusing community.

The exhibit was in line with the 2022 ‘Glass’ theme for STEAM week. With this brief, Art Mania Glass Art Teachers and their Supported Students worked tirelessly and collaborated together in order to create a skilfully crafted body of work made exclusively from glass.


Glass is a truly alchemic medium. It can be broken, cut and even pulverised into powder. Even though when the pieces go into the kiln fractured, sharp and intimidating; out from the fire emerges cohesive works of art that are rich in colour and illuminated by light.

We also held a meet-the-maker event where the artists could mingle with the community.

Glass artists and Art Mania owner Fee Madigan offered a community glass bowl project, where each visitor on the day was invited to help create a community glass project. We cant wait to share the finished piece with you!

It was wonderful to see our participants meeting the public and chatting about their artwork with fascinated community members.

Art Mania Student Geoff Kirby not only sold some of his incredible FRUIT BOWL art pieces on the day, but also hosted a still life art experience on the day.

If you missed it, Artworks are on display from 14 August – 28 August 2022. All work is available for purchase from the Gallery Shop.

Thanks to our amazing community for supporting us in our creative endeavours!

If you are interested in creating your own glass art piece, we will be running a workshop based on Fee’s exhibited piece: Light Passage Blue (Pictured below)
Check out the Workshop and Book Here


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