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This week we had the pleasure of hosting a presentation in our ceramic studio with the exceptionally talented Coren Cranfield. Coren was completing their Big Picture project at Art Mania Studio under the mentorship of Melissa Davis and Jade Perry Hull.



Coren was able to immerse in this cross disciplinary, project based learning journey here at Art Mania. They learned about kiln operation, the chemistry of glaze testing and colour mixing and industry relevant work experience. In addition to the studio engagement, there was in-depth academic research into Coren’s chosen project, a coiled ceramic vessel and a handmade zine.

Corens influences included Grayson Perry, Bowie, Against Me! and Laura Jane Grace, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Vivienne Westwood. Her work explored themes of the masculine and feminine, Queerness, the Punk subculture, representation and the intersection of these themes within art, music, fashion and mainstream culture.

Coren was here as a participant in the Big Picture Academy. Big Picture Academy believes that education is everyone’s business. Learning opportunities are everywhere, not just inside classrooms. Research has shown that we learn best when we are personally motivated.

Where we have passion for what we are doing, knowledge unfolds and evolves naturally – so Art Mania was the perfect atmosphere to nurture this. Coren is the 4th Big Picture Academy student that Art Mania Teacher Melissa Davis has mentored and we look forward to meeting more participants in the program.

The coiled vessel was inspired in particular by Grayson Perry. Coren coiled the shape and then experimented with glazing techniques to achieve these striking colours and detailed graphics.

Thank you to Coren and Hunter Sports High for including us in this wonderful journey.


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